Educating Yates

Training for the Inspire 30 continues to go well although this week has been a bit of a shocker due to work.  Luckily it coincided with a rest week so while I was going to reduce my training load I didn’t plan on doing almost nothing – a heavy workload and some much needed revision for the Gym Instructor Assessments I sat this weekend meant for once I had to compromise the training and re-prioritise.  That said I can hit next week hard having avoided getting over tired.

Had a great weekend with Future Fit completing the Theory Assessment part of the Gym Instructor Course – my first step on becoming a fully fledged PT.  Met a great group of people and as ever great to be surrounded by like minded folks looking to improve their skills and knowledge.  3 months of education and training came down to 4 assessments which were passed no problems and then a series of practical lessons to prepare us all for the upcoming practical assessments.

Didn’t do too badly for an old fella and Paul took me through my paces when it came to push ups!  It was great being in the gym environment and while it is not my preferred location to work hard it didn’t do me any harm!  I now have a portfolio to prepare for the practical assessment at the end of April and then that will be one stage ticked off.

Apart from this week training has been going really well.  Paul at Squadron PT has been giving me some great advice and I have been investing in some much needed strength and conditioning work and I am already feeling the benefits.  I have also made the most of the great weather and managed to get a long run in last week across Holcombe Moor which was glorious!


I will be doing some bike and running recces over the next few weeks so looking forward to that and will update the site.  In the meantime good luck with whatever you are doing and for those who took part in the Manchester Marathon today I hope you had a good day.

Happy Training.



2 thoughts on “Educating Yates

  1. Dude, training to become a PT………………… I keep thinking about this matey, maybe you have inspired me to retrain aged 53!!! Stay in touch mate. Tim


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