The Inspire 30 Challenge

Last November I decided that I was ready for another challenge after my exploits on the Ugly 10.  I have thought a lot about the Ugly 10 since it was completed.  I knew I would miss it; miss the spirit of a challenge and also the team work and camaraderie that goes with something like the Ugly 10.  I was also surprised about the impact the event had on other people and how much it inspired others to take up their own challenges or seek to make a difference to their lives in a positive way.  So how to combine all this into a new challenge that would have a bigger positive effect?

In August 2017 I will take on my biggest challenge yet………………..and so will you!

On 2nd August 2017 I will start 30 continuous iron distance triathlons; The Inspire 30 Challenge.  Each day I will swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run 26.2 miles for 30 days.  Training started in earnest last November and currently I am injury free and mentally strong; this challenge will however take me well beyond my comfort zone so I will need some help and that is where you come in.

I was so inspired by the impact the Ugly 10 Challenge had on some people that I wanted to have a bigger positive impact with the Inspire 30 Challenge.  The plan (and the detail has to be worked out) is that instead of money people can donate “inspired miles”.  If you let my team know what you have done we will log it and keep a running total.  It doesn’t matter what you do and it doesn’t have to be swimming, cycling or running.  As long as you are doing something it will count to the running total and it will get you fitter and healthier!  We all achieve something together.  For anybody who wants to come and do a few laps with me you are more than welcome – just make sure you record your miles!  Details of how to send in your miles will come out shortly and you will be able to start logging your miles as I cross the start line on Day 1.

There is still a long way to go, both in terms of planning and training and for this one I will be working with Ben Leach at Squadron PT.  I’ve had a great meeting with Ben recently and after going through my current plan he identified where I could make some improvements; he will be mentoring me over the next few months as I look to get myself strong enough to take this challenge on.

The venue will be  Allerthorpe Lakeland Park(details can be found at this link) near York.  Nicky has been great and very supportive.  It is a brilliant venue with everything in one place so time spent on logistics will be minimised.  The pitch looks great for the tent that includes an electricity supply and thankfully the roads are flat!!

So go and get some new kit or get your trainers out from under the stairs; dust down the bike or get those speedos out of your draw and get ready to go for August.  It will be here quicker than we know!!


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