New Year, New Challenge (TBA)

Christmas and New Year were great.  They rounded off 2016 which in the end for me personally saw a great year.  The Deca was completed, money raised for the Army Benevolent Fund, and I completed one of my jobs, leaving me with more time to concentrate on some new ideas and challenges.

So now for 2017……………………..

I had an idea last October and ran it past a few close friends who all agreed it was crazy.  That sounded more like an endorsement than a “don’t do it” so I started training after a well earned rest last November and have been building up steadily over the last few months.  The log below charts how things have gone so far:


So a gentle start however the good news with that is that I have no injuries at the moment and while my speed is not up some sessions have tested my cardio so I am feeling fit and not too tired.  Training has also been really enjoyable – I have not planned weeks per se; instead I have looked to gradually build up the time over the weeks and allocate time to each discipline.  I have focussed on the bike as you can see with some running.  Swimming has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat as I have been working away a lot – that is definitely a rubbish excuse and I can see just how bad that is now I have committed it to the blog – so more swimming coming up I guess.

In terms of planning that is still ongoing and the plan is to do something big and generate some interest – galvanising others to donate their time and effort to join me (virtually or for real) to start or continue a healthy lifestyle and do some exercise.  I am still looking at how I can record this and details will be out soon.  As for the announcement?  I have to get authority from my employer to do it and confirm the logistics at Allerthorpe, all of which should be in place in February so hopefully once all that is sorted I can go live.

In the meantime training continues and also a bit of advice and support for others which has been great and I have found sharing my experiences with others taking on the Brutal or their own challenges really positive and motivating.  Gareth O’Brien is a brilliant guy and you can read his blog at the link below if you are seeking some inspiration as he takes on the Brutal Triple:

So all in all 2017 is off to a good start……and it is going to be another big year.

Enjoy your training.





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