Happy Christmas, happy training!

Things are quiet at the moment, which is good.  After a very hectic 2016 it is good finally to start slowing down.  Base training is properly underway and at the moment I am really enjoying the training.  Looking for ways to make it more fun I have entered into a virtual competition with Brutal Triple Legend Jim Page to see who can get to 500 miles on either a road bike, turbo or Wattbike (or a mixture of the three).  Going to press Jim was about 30 miles ahead. It is also good to train with little or no pain.  I have slowed things right down and apart from a back niggle I am feeling very strong.  The routine consists of steady sessions on the turbo (back in the pain cave) and in the pool with a couple of 5-8 mile runs thrown in there.  A couple of times a week I am doing a short sharp session to get the heart rate up, otherwise the distances and times are slowly creeping up……..

It has been good to see Claire Smith from Brutal complete what I can only imagine was a mentally tortuous task of  a continuous Quin Triathlon in a gym; 5 days solid barely moving from the same spot and subjected to bright lights and loud dance music!  That takes some determination and she also managed to raise over £1k for the Brain Tumour Charity – if you want to read her story and donate this link will take you to the JustGiving Page.  It was a truly inspirational challenge and I look forward to an update blog from Claire.

I read a great article on how to complete a Deca the other day.  The legend known as TC has shared his top tips on how to get through a Deca – very helpful to those taking on Deca UK in October.  The article can be found at this link if you are interested.

I am looking forward to Christmas; it has been a busy year and I hope to get a more sensible work life balance that will free up more time to train for my challenge in 2017.  Not much more to report on that as I am back there at the end of January to sort out the logistics and detail.  Once in place and I have a couple of months of solid base training under my belt I plan to go live.  Some of the old crew are already up for it and again I have been humbled and motivated in equal measure by the support of family and friends.  It continues to remind me – No crew = No event and I am so grateful for the support I get for these events.  I have been working on my training plan and the base will gradually be increasing over the weeks to 1000mins/ week by week 10

Christmas will be a restful period and while I intend to train I don’t plan to skimp on any eating and meeting up with family and friends.  I appreciate that not everyone has a good time at Christmas so I will make an effort to drop friends I haven’t seen in a while a line to say hello.  For anyone reading this who may feel a little bit low at Christmas –  don’t!  Drop me a line or get in touch with someone, have a chat and focus on the positives.  Get out and do anything – walk the dog, go for a run; just do something!

I hope you all have a great Christmas if you celebrate it and all the best for your adventures and races in 2017.  Thanks for all your support in 2016 and I can’t believe how far reaching this blog has gone:


Thank you and see you in 2017.

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