Stop and Start, Stall and Start Again

I thought I had got my training mojo back a few weeks ago however it was just teasing me and it has been a bit of a start and stop experience but now definitely started.  I am in the process of leaving one of the jobs I have and keen not to leave behind problems for my very worthy successor it has meant the last few weeks have been busy.  I will be sad to go as I have been there for a few years and worked with some great people but it is the right time for me to move on and look for new opportunities.  While it is a little daunting maybe it is a reflection of my makeup that I don’t want my life to become routine and after 7 years of doing a variety of posts it is time to see what else is out there.  Training for the Deca while doing two jobs was, if I am honest, pretty horrific and going back to one job should mean I can properly dedicate myself to a solid training plan in 2017.

This week will see my going back to a steady 8 hours of very basic turbo training and running with one pool swim planned at the weekend.  From feeling very tired a few weeks ago my energy levels are getting back to normal and it has been good to get back into some sort of routine.  What has been especially good is that the aches and pains have all but left my body.  With the exception of a niggle in the mid-back area I am feeling good.  I have also started look out to what I will be doing in 2017 and conducted a couple of recces in the last few weeks.  I am thinking of doing another ultra distance triathlon and I hope to go firm with the plans in the early new year so wanted to identify a possible site as soon as possible.

I looked at one site however after a quick drive round and establishing that sleeping policemen had been built on the road I was planning to use and the lake wasn’t as big as I remember I struck that one off the list.  Talking to a work colleague a few weeks later he suggested I go and have a look at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park just outside York, which I did on Thursday.

It was well worth a visit and to find out they run triathlons there meant I was dealing with people in the know.  It is also VERY flat which after last year will be a bonus.  I spoke to Nicky and Steve and they could not not have been more helpful or accommodating, especially as I turned up unannounced talking about doing some very silly things!!  They can also accommodate me and a team in August which is when it looks like I will have a window to spend some time swimming, cycling and running around Yorkshire.  They also have 24hr showers and toilets, a cafe and electricity.  At the moment this is by far the best venue and while I have a couple of others to check out they will have to be good to beat what I saw at Allenthorpe.

So back in training with a focus – great stuff.  Usually I run for a charity but I am thinking I might do something a little differently this year – instead of looking to raise money I hope to raise “miles” and inspire people to get out and do their own challenge and we can log our miles together, even though we won’t be on the same course.  I get fitter, others get fitter and some may raise money for their charities so all good.  I will develop this nearer the time and confirm how miles will be clocked.  I got the idea from Kajsa Tylen who has just broken the World Record for the most miles cycled in a year by a woman, completing the challenge in November but is still cycling to complete the year.  She is asking for a sweat donation to get people active and I think this is a great idea.  More details can be found at this link if you want to see how she is getting on.

In terms of even more inspiration I would recommend a watch of “Finding Traction”, a film I picked up on Amazon Prime this morning while on the turbo.  It documents Ultra Runner Nikki Kimball running the 273 Long Trail in the US.  It is pretty tough stuff that got me pedalling a little faster while remembering how much things hurt on the Deca!

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 17.21.44.png

Enjoy whatever you are doing and I will keep you updated as the plans for 2017 develop.

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