The Journey Continues.

So finally after a few weeks I am back on the training cycle (and run and swim) and glad to be there.  A few weeks ago I think it all caught up with me and I felt very tired and I couldn’t motivate myself to get back into it.  On reflection I think that was my body and my sub-conscious forcing me to take a break and I am glad I eased up.  Work has picked up so focussing on that what important but finally I am ready to get back on it.

The weeks started with a session on the turbo and then followed by a short sharp run on Tuesday night.  Wednesday I enjoyed a pleasant run late at night after work with another turbo session on Thursday.  All the sessions have been gentle and very enjoyable as I start getting back into the routine.  I have a few aches from the Deca but overall I feel strong and my body feels ready to go again.  Mentally I am also feeling very positive and I have started thinking about what to do next year and how hard and far I want to go.  A few weeks ago it seemed an obstacle to get going again and now I am looking to solve the issue of what to do next.

How far do I think I can go?  How far do I want to go?  What do I want to do?  I have an idea and have run it past a few people but nothing set in stone yet.  I am looking at a venue next week so hopefully my plans can be firmed up then.  More to follow soon……….


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