Deca UK Recce

Last week I had the privilege of supporting Claire Smith as she recced the course at Eton Dorney for the Deca UK Race that Brutal Events will be running next year in October. Claire intended to complete the course herself whilst proving the route and confirming the logistics for the event.

Claire will be writing her own blog so I won’t steal too many sandwiches here but needless to say Claire did what she does best and absolutely pushed herself beyond where most people could go.

Ably supported by Rob and Martin Claire was also visited by Lou, Graeme and Claire Smedley and a very special visit by a squirrel and wolf – also known as Justin and Jim.


I spent a lot of time on the course with Claire and her total commitment and determination is inspiring, refusing to give in and pushing through sleep deprivation and pain to complete a hard earned Quin (5 Iron distance triathlons in 5 days). Furthermore a lot of good learning that I have no doubt will yield a benefit when she goes for a Deca in Dorset next summer.


Getting back in that environment so soon after the Ugly 10 got me thinking about what to do next year and I have started putting some ideas together – more to follow in the near future.

If you want to enter Deca UK next year details can be found at this link (Deca UK). It will be tough but rest assured it will be well run and the organiser knows what you will be going through………….

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