Day 10 – Mission Accomplished!

Mark Yates, The Ugly 10, Deca Ironman, day 10. Just over an hour of kip and he was at it again. Tired, injured, drenched, wind-swept and still smiling. Probably because it was the last day and the sun was out. Also on that day was the Brutal Events Ironman distance triathlon in which Mark had competed before. Claire Smith, the event organiser had allowed Mark to join the event. Due to the extreme weather the day before, the start was delayed, which is why Mark had some sleep. In calm conditions, apart from two hundred plus athletes around him, the swim commenced. Doddy was right there too. A consistent swim and transition to the bike, Mark and Doddy being joined by another former Brutal Tri athlete, Chris Bennett. The weather held, sun, a little cloud and light to moderate winds the order of the day. Again, consistent on the bike and then in to the run. Mark, Doddy and Chris were joined by Jo (Mark’s partner) and Gung (Doddy’s partner). After a while Chris and Gung concluded, leaving Mark, Doody and Jo to continue through what was turning in to a breezy night. The trio remained together, Mark battling with severely swollen and blistered feet, not to mention fatigue. In to the night they trudged, knowing Mark’s goal came closer with every step. Terrain, injury, high winds and a seven foot squirrel could not stop Mark and at stupid o’clock in the morning he crossed the finish line at the Brutal Events HQ. Met by the organiser Claire, Mark was given a trophy to mark his becoming a Deca Ironman distance athlete. An amazing achievement, by a top bloke, supported by a good crew and the odd buffoon.

Brutal Organiser Claire with Mark

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