Day 9 – Few words can describe the pain

Mark Yates, The Ugly 10, Deca Ironman. Day 9. So, I hear you ask, did he make it ? There are no thumbs up in this phot. Well, let me tell you how the day went. Early morning at the lakeside and . . . . . . you guessed it, drizzle. Once in the water this turned to rain and the wind picked up. Another arduous swim supported by Doddy. Towards the end Mark was joined by Gavin Collins, another Brutal Double Tri athlete. Meeting likeminded people always gives a boost. The swim over and out on the bike, the wind and rain getting worse. Doddy there as always and later joined by James “Brutal Triple Tri Legend” Page. With winds gusting 50-70 mph the route was altered for safety. As a result a lot of time was lost and the bike ride took an age to complete. This impacted on already slow run times due to injury, which made the earlier “day of days” a walk in the park. The weather kept up it’s battering of those out in it but Mark would not be stopped. Some 22 hours after he started, he cros9-ridesed the line. Just in time to grab and hour or so sleep before doing it again on the final day. Without doubt a blinding effort, showing the true determination of the man. Well done Mark.








Hotline News. Mark Yates, The Ugly 10, Deca Ironman. Some have expressed disappointment that there was no “thumbs-up” phot of Mark at the end of day 9. Well here’s the reason – he was asleep before anybody could get out a camera.9-aftermath

2 thoughts on “Day 9 – Few words can describe the pain

  1. The bloke is a legend. Awsome effort old fella, to think that you were once too skiny to join the club. Little did they know of your inner strength. Go wimpy looking kid.


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