Day 8 – Almost there!

And what happened on day 8 ? The picture says it all, completed. Met at the lakeside by drizzle, no not another athlete, that ‘orrible stuff that gets in to every knook and cranny. Doddy was there giving more support and they set off on the swim. Within minutes a relatively calm lake was hijacked by the gods of wind and rain, a recurring theme that didn’t let up. 2.4 miles akin to an ocean and Doddy started to zig-zag. Most thought he was looking for sub’s but in reality his goggles had steamed up. Swim complete, transition to the bike in more pouring rain. Mid-morning and the weather improves, as did spirits with Mark seeing Koen Van Meeuwen out on his ride. He was also joined again by Paul from Team Bear. Then off on the run, again Doddy was alongside. There was more rain which later gave way to gusty winds. This was a battle with the Achilles injury sustained on day 1, doing it’s best to dictate the pace. A 26.2 mile battle that Mark won but at what cost, a very late finish.

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