Day 6 – Groundhog day

6-startWith 5 done and 5 to go, Mark remains in good spirits and day 6 started with choppy water due to a gusty wind.  His time was consistent with the previous few days of around 1hr 40mins and Mark was happy with his effort as he got out of the water.6-swim

The bike ride as particularly hard as the gusty wind kept knocking him around but at least the rain stayed away.  His knees and ankles are suffering from the consistent pounding they are taking but Mark completed the ride 20 mins quicker than yesterday which was particularly pleasing.

6-rideHis marathon time was not as quick as he was hoping, but this was due to his knees and ankles being particularly sore.  His support team ran with him and through the power of painkillers and some tough love, Mark completed the run in just over 7hrs.  6-run

Overall a good day for Mark and he is very aware that this is now 6 down and only 4 more to go.  Thanks again for all the support and good wishes – Mark really appreciates them all and they are making a big difference in keeping him upbeat.




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