Day 5 – Half way there

5 swimAgain the weather gods were not so kind to Mark as he started the swim with a gusting westerly breeze chopping up the water as he started out. That being said, he fought through and finished in a very respectable time considering he is now in day 5 of his challenge.

The  wind continued to be blustery throughout out the ride, but thankfully the rain stayed away during the ride.  Mark was a bit slower than previous days as his ankle is still quite sore and b5 ridey the time he got off the bike he was starting to struggle.

His support team ran with him as he started his marathon and tried to keep his spirits up and dull the pain, but it was a slow run and a very late finish.  As he finished his support team really kicked into gear, doing everything possible to make sure he is ready for Day 6 tomorrow, but Mark is half way now so the end is in sight!

5 run



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