Day 4 – A better day

Thankfully the dreadful weather had passed by the morning of Day 4 so Mark was able to get the swim done in good time in just over an hour and a half with the minimum of fuss and bother.  Mark’s ankles are still a bit sore but his knee has recovered so once he got on the bike it was not quite as painful as the previous day, although the improved weather also helped!  There were no major issues on the bike and a time of under 8hrs lifted Mark’s spirits.  Unfortunately the weather gods had not finished for the day and the rain returned soon after he started running which became gradually heavier so the last hour of the run was horrendous.  Although the last hour was hard work, it was a far better day than yesterday and Mark was pleased with how he is feeling.  He has again asked me to thank all his supporters, especially those who are turning up to ride or run with him – it makes a massive difference to him although he may not always show it!

4 swim 4     4 ride 4

4 run  4


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