Day 3 – The weather turns

10 consecutive days of good weather in Snowdonia was always going to be pushing it and on day 3 the weather took a distinct turn for the worse.  Wind and rain really chopped up the water, making the swim very difficult, but Mark battled on through in just under 2hrs.

ride 3

The rain was incessant during the ride, and absolutely torrential at times.  Never the less, Mark did what Mark does and just got his head down and kept the pedals turning, completing the ride in just under 7.5 hrs.

The marathon distance was a particular challenge as the rain kept falling, but was now accompanied by gusting, blustery winds that seemed determined to knock Mark off his stride.  That being said, he managed to complete the distance in a shade under 7hrs.

run 3

Another late finish, but Mark knows that it is all in an excellent cause so please help him raise as much as possible for The Army Benevolent Fund through his JustGiving page:

Let’s hope for better weather on Day 4!




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